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I’m Regan,

a fitness guy obsessed with using old school strategies to fix new world problems

I’m trying to find the secrets…

My search for the secrets has taken me across the world… It all started as a fresh faced 20 year old, with 2 weeks noticed I packed my bags and moved to Kuwait to take a job as a Trainer at a boutique health resort. I knew nothing about the world, but like anything you learn pretty quick when you get thrown in the deep end.

First month in Kuwait they started doing this thing where no one ate during the day – for a whole month. My initial thought was, well, you’re all going to die… turns out no one did. This no eating thing went against everything I had been told about eating.

You know the stories “You need to eat to spike your metabolism” (turns out that’s a myth)

So I tested the fasting out for a couple of days & felt great.

I am a huge sceptic… so I got stuck into the research to make sure it was legit, turns out they were onto something – not only does fasting have some amazing health benefits, it’s also way easier to get lean when you’re not stuffing your face with food every 2 seconds.

So I stole the fasting idea, adapted it to suit me and put that into my trick bag. As I travelled more, I started seeing other trends – so I borrowed them too.

That’s pretty much my philosophy on health & fitness..

Instead of re-inventing the wheel. Why not do what has been working for hundreds of years, adapt it to suit your lifestyle and use it.

It’s strange, when you stop trying to add that new gadget, that new supplement or that fancy new workout and you strip things back to basics you get some amazing results.

What you will find on this site is a collection of health & fitness principles I have taken from various cultures around the world… adapted them modern day living.

Why should you care?

Have a look around you. What’s happening to everyone you know, your friends, family members, work colleagues. Are they healthy, are they happy? “If you do what everyone else is doing, you are going to get the same results”. Does any of this sound familiar?

Your clothes are getting tighter? (not in a good way) You feel like you are running on fumes? You are one bad work meeting away from a breakdown?

You make weird sounds when you stand up? If you can relate to any of these, you should stick around for a while.

What you will learn here:


Easy to implement strategies that allow you to “flip the switch” on fat loss or muscle building


A non-woo woo approach to a fundamental skill which allows you to improve productivity, make better decisions and just be happier


An emphasis on bodyweight exercises that build an impressive physique, while regaining flexibility and range of movement lost through the modern lifestyle

Next Step

I put something together for you, to help get you started. It’s the beginners guide to fasting, it’s everything you need to know about fasting in one really short guide.

It’ll walk you through the fundamentals of fasting and how you can use it to improve your health & your body.

Thanks for taking the time to visit.