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I hate the fitness industry,
Trainers everywhere are selling the idea that it’s always rainbows & high fives.

You should always be pumped for a workout.
You should always eat “clean” (whatever that means)
You should always be motivated.

It’s All Fake

Anyone who says different is kidding themselves. They can shove their spandex and their mega positive attitudes up their arse.

On a side note, motivational quotes like this need to stop.
Whoever wrote this, deserves a dick punch.

No, sweat is not fat crying


My Workout Sucked Yesterday

and I hated every second of it, I was fighting my inner demons BIG TIME.

Everything hurt, I was stiff, even the gym music was annoying me.

But you know what…that’s completely OK
We are human, we have good days
and we have shitty days.

Why am I telling you this?

Because no one is perfect

Too many people start a program and expect smooth sailing.

As soon as they hit a speed bump, they pack it all in and give up. If you start out knowing you won’t be perfect. It makes it a whole lot easier.

Take your shitty days in your stride and keep on going.