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If you have ever said “But it’s full of good fat…”

then listed organic peanut butter, coconut oil, macadamia nuts, raw cacao + 10 others & think you’re being healthy

You need a mindset shift… pronto

Don’t miss the 2 quick tips at the end that you can implement immediately (and start getting results)


Here’s what’s bad about “Good Fat”

If you eat too much fat, regardless of the type YOU WILL PUT ON WEIGHT.

Annndddd being OVERWEIGHT is bad – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

I need to stop real quick:

If you read “Overweight is bad” and immediately thought “FAT SHAMING”

Then fuck you – you’re exactly what is wrong with the world right now.

You can eat a whole bag of dicks.

Eat A Bag Of It

Being a Internet Political Correctness Officer and calling people out just for the sake of it helps NO ONE.

You fall go into the same category of people who leave comments on Youtube pages… and those people suck.

YouTube Comments Fail

And if you’re thinking it’s easy for you to talk Internet Nutrition guy – you don’t know what it’s like.

…I was overweight in high school & not to mention I had an undercut.

I legitimately looked like a mushroom stuffed with hot air.

It’s hard… everyone has their battles.

But what we are currently doing (not allowed to openly speak about it) isn’t working – at last count 63% of Australia is overweight or obese.

Instead of pretending like it’s not an issue – we need to have the hard conversations and talk about it openly.

So we can work together to fix it, otherwise it’s only going to get worse.


Back to my initial statement

Being Overweight is Bad

This isn’t an insult

It’s science.

Being overweight is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, some musculoskeletal conditions and cancers.

It’s the 2nd highest burden of disease (followed by smoking)

I am not saying everyone has to walk around looking like a cover model…

The target should be: be at a weight that doesn’t decrease your life expectancy.

Why we put on weight

I am going to simplify this x100

Body fat is the body’s form of stored “energy”

We get energy from: Food & Drink

Energy sources

And if you consistently take in (eat & drink) more energy than you use up (moving, breathing, digestion etc)

Then, your body is going to store excess energy is the form of body fat.

This is regardless of whether the food comes from “Good” or “Bad” sources.

Sure “Good” sources are better for you, the majority of the time but…

Your body doesn’t know good from bad.

There isn’t a little police man in your stomach stopping all of the good food from being stored as fat.

Learn about fat is less than 60 seconds

Dietary Sources Include:

– Oil
– Avocado
– Butter
– Fatty animal meats (Salmon, Filet Mignon)
– Nuts & Seeds
– Diary Products

Why You Need It:

Because it’s one of the ingredients that makes our hormones.

And keeps you functioning like a normal human being.

It’s Easy To Overeat Because:

It’s the most calorie dense type of food there is.

Dietary fat contains 9 calories per gram (compared to Protein & Carbs which are 4 calories)


2 super easy tips to fix your diet

1. Buy A Good Teflon Pan

It’s easy to add hundreds of extra calories to a meal.

Changing it from potentially healthy to unhealthy super quickly.

Just by dishing out too much oil.

Here’s a quick fix:

Buy Non-stick Teflon Pan – don’t be a tight arse, get a good one that lasts.

This avoids all of the excess calories from cooking oil + it saves hours of cleaning dishes.

Instead of using oil in every dish, use it sparingly, only add it to dishes that really need it.

2. Get your hands off the nuts

Nuts = delicious.

There was a time when I was addicted.

I once at 500g packet of “Organic Trail Mix” on a drive from Brisbane to the Gold Coast – that’s more than my whole daily calorie allowance, if I did that every day I would be bigger than a house.

Note – Just like “Good Fats” – “Organic Food” can still result in weight gain too, it still contains energy.

Do yourself a favour and get your hands off the nuts OR at least be super diligent with your quantities.

If you’re anything like me and have minimal self control – you’re better off just not having them.

If you take nothing else from this article…

Be aware of your fat quantities – both “good” & “bad” fats.

It will make a huge difference to how your health… & how you look in the mirror.