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Have you heard about Ketones? They are being promoted as a breakthrough fat loss supplement – as a result they are crazy popular.

All sorts of celebrities are claiming how good they are – they often provide a special link, so you can buy it directly from them (sounds like another Multi-level marketing scheme).

I googlized one popular Ketone brand – they made the following claims:

– It gives you unlimited energy & fat loss
– It makes fat melt off your body
– Perfect for fat loss
– Protein stops you losing fat (this comment really stinks)
– It Biohacks your body (immediate red flag – anyone who uses this term is an absolute flog)

Basically – don’t change any of the habits that made you put on weight, just take the supplement & wait for results.

Sounds good right?

Taking Ketones for fat loss is the diet equivalent of “The Secret

If you haven’t heard of it – It’s a wildly popular book which promotes a concept where you can get everything you want in life by sitting at home and sending good vibes out to the universe.

You don’t have to work hard – just sit at home and send out a wish list to the universe.

Guess what happens if you do that… you end up homeless.

Wishing for results will leave you homeless

If you think you can just take a special supplement, then not change anything and hope you turn into a bikini model.

Sorry to break it to you, you’re still going have to spend hours finding the perfect “thinning” instagram filter.

If you want to know how to actually lose weight you should read my article about it.

KEY POINT: If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

How is it that people all over the world are still falling for this stuff?

Take ISIS an as example, they have amazing marketing claims too.

Wear bomb, explode, get 67 Virgins.

Hmmmm, sounds made up to me….

(not that you would want 67 Virgins – that just sounds like a lot of tears to me)

So there I said it – Ketones are worse than ISIS.

Jokes, I don’t mean that, Ketones aren’t worse than ISIS, the people who promote them within a Multi-level marketing scheme are.

But “insert hot celebrity” said they work

Would you take medical advice from a butcher? Hopefully not.

Then don’t take health advice from a celebrity.

But they’re fit as…..

Google their name & the year 2005 – they were fit then. They have been working on looking good their whole life.

A supplement didn’t do it for them. Hard work did.

So why are they selling it?


Products that are being pushed hard by people are usually part of Multi-level marketing schemes.

Multi Level Marketing Scams
^ This is taken from one of their brochures

They get paid on commission. Celebrities use their name / audience to make money from it without actually knowing if it works.

I should be fair it’s not just celebrities who are doing it – plenty of non-famous people are getting in on the act too.

You might have friends who sell diet shakes. It’s like magic, overnight they turn into health experts and start promoting these products.

They might even start posting amazing testimonials on Facebook.

….hold up fitness guy you sound jealous.

Shouldn’t people be allowed to make money?

You can make money selling drugs to kids, doesn’t mean it’s right.

Enough rambling.

Here’s the super quick cliff notes on ketones

Background: There are 2 major fuel sources your body uses: 1. Carbs and 2. Fats

Normally it’s running off a bit of both.

When your body runs out of carbs it switches to fat, this is called Ketosis – as a by product the body starts to produce ketones. These ketones then become a major fuel source for the brain.

This is the really important part

Regardless of the fuel source, your body can’t magically make energy disappear.

Your body is smart, you have to give it a reason to burn energy (e.g. exercise) – if it just burned energy uncontrollably you would die.

Just because it’s running off fat – it DOES NOT mean it’s tapping into your internal body fat. That requires you to create an energy deficit (it’s like drawing into your savings account).

Fat loss requires an energy deficit

Energy Deficit = The right side of the see saw needs to be bigger than the left.

Say one day I decide to get all mediterranean and only eat olive oil (you should watch this video).

What % of my energy is burnt as fat?

Shit loads, because fat is the only food type I have eaten that day.

Do I burn any internal fat that day? That totally depends on how much energy I use up.

But that is how companies trick you – They never mention that side of the equation.

How Do I Know Ketones Aren’t A Magic Fat Loss Cure?

The small print

If you look closely at the packet there’s a disclaimer – “insert product name” is not a medical treatment, medicine or weight loss supplement

That’s strange – a minute ago they were claiming it melts fat off your body, maybe that was a typo.

Research doesn’t back up their claims

In 2016 there was a study where they fed 2x groups of people same amount of food – but mixed up the macronutrients e.g. one group had high carbs, the other a ketogenic diet (high fat, really low carbs).

The results = no difference in fat loss

Note: I agree, one study doesn’t prove everything but if super high fat diets were the holy grail everyone who is doing them would be ripped – but that’s definitely not the case.

Common sense

If you sat at home for 3 months, only ate peanut butter & played xbox, would you look like a cover model?

Of course you wouldn’t that’s stupid.

But that’s exactly what these “eat more fat, burn more fat” supplements / diets are trying to claim.

I said it before – you must give your body a reason to use energy. Your body can’t make energy magically disappear.

Are Ketogenic Diets (& Ketones) A Waste Of Time?

Absolutely not.

They work, just like every other diet works – with consistency & hard work. They also have some awesome medical applications.

But for fat loss, the best diet is the one you can stick to.

And thats why (for most people) Ketogenic diets aren’t fantastic, they are way harder to do – having very little to no carbs is a quick way to ruin your social life.

Imagine going out to dinner and ordering a meal that is 85% fat.

Waiter: Would you like to order any mains?
You: No thanks, just x4 sides thanks. May I have x1 egg, the haloumi, the bacon & the avocado
Waiter: You’re fucking weird

You’re now that weird friend that no-one wants to invite to dinner because you’re a pain in the ass.

The wrap up

Regardless of whether you go high carb, high fat or another combination completely – your body cannot make energy magically disappear.

Your body is smart, you can’t cheat the system – As much as these companies will try and convince you otherwise, you will NEVER be able to make fat melt off your body by taking a supplement.