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What’s with all of these people putting butter in their coffee?
Have you tried it?
Are you missing out on something?

Or is it more like this?

Butter coffee is the blind leading the blind
Source: I am technology blog

You know when you look back at old photos and are mortified at your clothing or haircut choices?

Well butter in coffee, is to nutrition what shit haircuts are to old photos.

Butter Coffee is like a bad old haircut
Source: Blazepress

There are 2 life principles at play here:

– If a little bit is good, then heaps must be way better &
– If it sounds too good to be true it probably is

Principle 1: If a little bit is good, then heaps must be way better

Not too long ago.
Fat was the devil.
Every man and his dog was a fat hater.

It apparently caused heart disease.

Turns out that wasn’t the case.

Now we say fat is good for you, we have gone 180.

And everyone is going mad for it.

Maybe it’s human nature but as soon as we think something is “good” for us there is an immediate assumption that

Some = Good
Heaps = way more benefit

Unfortunately that isn’t true.

Too much of anything is not good for you.


A bit of water = good
Too much water = you die

A bit of sex = fun
Too much sex = wear & tear, exhaustion, swelling (+12 other symptoms, here)

A couple of coffees = suitable amount of buzz
Too much caffeine = you die

Sad right.

What’s happened with butter in coffee,
is that people have jumped on the “more is better bandwagon”

They have oversimplified the message completely.

It’s now… let’s put fat in ALL OF THE THINGS.

Bottom line:

A bit of saturated fat is ok.

But if you think drinking large quantities of saturated fat is a miracle super food.

You’re an idiot.

Principle 2: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Most people legitimately have no idea why they are drinking it.

Apart from the fact that it’s trendy right now.

Others are convinced:

“Eating fat for breakfast means they are burning fat all day long”

So you’re saying
I can eat myself to a 6 pack?
That sounds realistic.

Sure your body is burning more fat
That’s because you’re drinking bucket loads of it

From external sources…

The build up of fat in your body.
Is an accumulation of excess energy.
You don’t burn it off by consuming more energy
You can’t outsmart your body

To burn “body fat” you must create an energy deficit.

Hot tip:

Consuming a shit load of your daily energy needs in a nutrient deficient beverage and hoping you will get shredded is the same as,

Looking at your laundry and hoping it will wash itself.

Good intentions, terrible execution.

Let’s compare another radical breakfast choice

There are 1000 ways we could compare choices.

But let’s go down the avenue of body composition aka looking better in the mirror.

As a majority of the butter coffee fanatics (I speak to) think they are burning body fat by having their special coffee.

Lets compare

Butter Coffee Vs. Protein & coffee shake & a multivitamin drank out of an old shoe.

Compare butter coffee vs shoey

The winner…

Protein from a shoe is better than butter coffee
Source: Nemzeti Sport

Having a “shoey” is significantly better than filling your coffee with butter, if looking better in the mirror is your goal.

The Butter Coffee logic doesn’t make sense.

Why consume hundreds of calories in a beverage that contains very little nutrients?

You are significantly better off using those calories for foods that actually provide the body with sustenance.

What if you’re wrong about calories?

Well we could test the idea on a large group of people.

We can.
Let’s use the majority of the world.

World Calorie Consumption Is Increasing

What’s happening?

Everyone is getting fatter

Bottom line,
calories matter.

The takeaway

The real reason people are drinking butter coffee is because they have fallen for bogus marketing & even worse science.

Who Butter Coffee is for:

– People who love the taste & have their energy intake under control

Who Butter Coffee ISN’T for:

– People who want to look better in the mirror
– People who are interested in their long term health
– People trying to get lean
– People who don’t want to be embarrassed in 10 years time for falling for marketing & bad science