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You’re being lied to about fat loss (aka looking better naked)

Companies are lying about fat loss

Despite what companies are trying to tell you, diets don’t work because of the fancy diet names or expensive supplements.

When you break it down to the science, fat loss is pretty easy (well in theory anyway)

Once you know understand what you’re trying to achieve, you are significantly less likely to:

A.) fall for bogus products or
B.) fall off the rails like you usually do


So how do you achieve fat loss?

At some level you need to create an energy deficit.

In plain english, you need to use up more energy than you consume (food & drink)

Fat loss requires an energy deficit

Energy In = Food & Drink

Energy Out = Metabolism, Digestion, Random Exercise & Gym

Metabolism = less stress, more muscle (it doesn’t add heaps but it helps)
Digestion = eat more protein, eat more fibre
Random exercise = park further from the shops, stand up at work, take the stairs
Gym = do some weights or take a spin class

You need the “energy out” side to be greater than the “energy in” side

Want to know a secret??

Here is how all of the successful diets in the history of the world work…

Are you ready??

Here goes:

Diets work because there is a level of restriction that either A.) forces you to eat less total food and / or B.) give you less choices, which by default makes you eat less.

So option A sounds legit, but it sounds like you made up the B option.

Ok… think about a buffet. There are 100 different choices. What does your plate look like?

What about if that buffet only had 4 things?

And they were… chicken, brocolli, asparagus & beans

Because there is less choice (& less fun stuff)

I would bet you $100, you eat less.

So what does this look like in the real world?

Here’s a couple of popular diets:



What is it?

Eat plenty: meat, fish, eggs, veggies
Eat some: fruit, nut & seeds
Eat none: processed carbs (sugar), dairy, legumes

Why it works?

1. High protein, keeps you full for longer + more energy lost in digestion

2. It removes x2-3 food groups, you have less choice, so you eat less by default

Weight Watchers

What is it?

Portion controlled meals

Why it works?

You have a pre defined meal portions, which means you typically eat less than normal

Shake diets

What is it?
You are allowed x2 shakes per day + one rabbit sized meal

Why it works?
The shakes contain very low calories which creates a big deficit

The 5:2 diet

What is it?
5 days you eat like a supermodel, 2 days you treat yourself

Why it works?
You create such a big deficit over the 5 days that it negates your weekend blowout

Ok random fitness guy, that’s great… but how do I implement it?

You need to think bigger picture

Understand this = Get ripped

So we need that energy deficit!

Let’s think about fat loss like a budget


How to achieve fat loss

This is what is looks like on a timeline…

Budget style fat loss
^ See how much of the budget the carbonara & the wine take up? It doesn’t mean you can never eat these foods, you just need to be aware how “expensive” they are

To Summarise.

– Consume enough energy to stay alive & make sure everything is working ok.

– But restrict yourself enough so that your body taps into it’s savings (savings is a nice way of saying muffin top).

Here is a list of budget foods:

Here is a list of your budget foods

Pro tip: Think about your budget over the course of a week… not a day

This is where so many people go wrong

Client fat loss conversation

& unfortunately that is the vicious cycle, most of us live in.

Instead look at your budget over the course of a week.

Say you have a blow out on Saturday, it’s not ideal, but it totally recoverable.

How to recover from a blow out

For the next couple of days be a bit stricter on your budget, create more of a deficit by making better choices, maybe do an extra class you hadn’t planned on and in no time you’re back on the wagon.

It’s almost “un-stuff-up-able”

Life is going to get in the way.

If you expect your diet to go perfectly you might as well not even start, you are no chance!

Work trips, holidays, sickness, motivation levels… it all gets in the way.

Replace: I will be perfect

With: I will be (mostly) good, but when I do stuff up (& it’s inevitable) I will implement strategies to get back on track as soon as possible.

So now you know you need to create a deficit.

Here are 5 ways to make the budget easier

#1 – Use a tracking method

If you’re eating based on emotions, you’re doomed.

You can be so full that you can’t even breath, but as soon as dessert comes around you magically have an extra stomach.

You need to track things!

Here are x2 really good apps you can download for FREE!

my fitness pal & youfood – both of them are easy to use and are really helpful

#2 – Work standing up

Did you know if you use a standing desk for a year you burn enough energy to run the equivalent of 22 marathons.

Yep, standing at work, who would have thought.

#3 – Get a FitBit

What get’s measured, get’s done.

Aim for 10,000 steps every day – even though it doesn’t sound like much, this makes a huge difference to your energy out

#4 – Miss breakfast from time to time

Misconception 1: Breakfast sparks your metabolism

Answer: Wrong x100 – the amount of times you eat / when you eat does nothing for your metabolism

Misconception 2: You won’t have enough energy

Answer: You have plenty of energy stores, you will be fine.

If you typically don’t go 2 mins without eating, you might struggle a bit, so be aware of that, have some good choices close by so you don’t get hangry and make some bad life decisions.

#5 – No hard gym session = less carbs

Straight out of the Paleo playbook.

Remove a food group = eat less.

If you don’t do a hard gym session, you don’t need too many carbs to get by (oats, breads, pastas, rice)

To wrap up.

There are 3 important take aways

– To create fat loss you need to create an energy deficit
– Think about your food intake like a budget
– Don’t expect to be perfect