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Let’s get this out there – there is some CRAZY ASS SHIT that goes on in everyone’s heads.

Imagine if your thoughts were broadcast on a big screen.

You my friend, would be in jail.

Experience – See a Dwarf at the shops

Thought – I wonder how far I could toss them

Experience – Someone cuts you off in traffic

Thought – F&CK YOU jerk – I hope your first born is a ranga & they suck at sport

Experience – Driving across the Storey Bridge

Thought – I wonder what it would be like to jump off

Thoughts like this we just laugh off (hopefully) and think “what the fuck was that you weirdo” and get back to being a normal person.

But more often than not – we don’t analyse, we just let them take over. Sometimes you wake up and you’re in the shittest mood – everything pisses you off.

Does this sound familiar?

You hate your alarm, your head looks like a busted sand-shoe, you hate the coffee chick because she is talking too much, you would rather slam your fingers in a door than face another day at the job you hate…

and for the rest of the day you stroll around like a human version of North Korea – ready to explode at any second.


What the hell brain!? I went to bed just fine…

Here’s what you need to know

You are not your thoughts

How do we know this is true?

Scenario: Attractive girl walks past

Thoughts: I would do “insert bad things” to her

Why am I telling myself this! I already know what I am thinking – she’s hot, I already know that, why the narrative…

If you were your thoughts – you wouldn’t have this weird inner dialogue going on.

“Your mind is crazy”

and it’s TOTALLY OK, the sooner you acknowledge that, the sooner you can start to control it.

The best thing that’s ever happened to me

Meditation will change your life

Let’s get this straight before you say, I tried it once, it’s too hard.

Your goal was wrong – the point of meditation isn’t to sit there and have ZERO thoughts going through your head.


That’s not the game, it’s about being aware of what’s going through your head and once you catch yourself being side tracked you just refocus.

An analogy would be sitting at the coast watching the waves.

Sets are constantly rolling in – you can’t control them, you’re just watching, being aware they are there.

It sounds ridiculously simple – but it’s unbelievable how much better you feel when you’re not consumed by every single crazy thought that goes through your head.

The shift that changed my life

When I wake up angry, instead of being lost in thought all day

I simply acknowledge it

E.g. Right now I am experiencing some shitty feelings, this isn’t me, my brain is just throwing up some crazy thoughts.

The result? I feel 200x better for it.

So what are you some unflappable super calm Zen-Yoga-Master now?

Absolutely not.

Let me get this straight if you steal the last bite of my cookie dough quest bar I will stab you with a fork.

These feelings still pop up, they never go away completely, but they don’t affect me nearly half as much as they used to.

Instead of being angry and being a dick to everyone – The awareness helps me tone it down significantly and helps my brain get out of the rut.

This isn’t just me – Everyone who I speak to that meditates on a regular basis has the same experience.

You feel like you are no longer being held hostage by your thoughts.

Starting meditation is like taking antibiotics

If you’re supposed to take antibiotics for 14 days – and you only take them for 2 days, what happens?

NOTHING – you haven’t given them enough time to work.

Same goes for meditation. You need to give it a bit of time to do it’s thing.

There is a guided meditation app called Headspace – they do 10 days for free.

It took me 6 different attempts before I got 10 in a row – I thought it was stupid, I hated it – the reason I kept going because:

I am A.) stubborn, B.) the majority of successful people I have talked to or heard from (on a podcast) had a meditation technique & C.) the health benefits are ridiculous

So I kept on going – once I got to 10 in a row, it clicked, I was hooked.

6 reasons why you should Meditate

1. If you do it for 10 days in a row & HATE IT, I will write you a written apology & come over to your place and mow your lawn.

2. It reduces chronic markers on inflammation – which means you will probably live longer

3. Way less stress, anxiety & depression – so you don’t end up being the person who goes to a bar and drinks by themselves

4. Improved memory – so you win more trivia nights

5. You will get invited to more dinner parties – no solid data on this, this is purely anecdotal, but trust me people will notice you’re way better to be around.

6. You will be happier

This section is for people who say they don’t have time


Barack Obama
Novak Djokovic
The dude from Coldplay
Oprah Winfrey
Malcolm Turnbull

What do all of these people have in common? They all accomplish more than you.

Everyone has the same amount of time in a day – you don’t have a time problem, you have a priorities problem.

Fix it..

Where should I start?

Regardless of the method you try, it isn’t about sitting down until your legs are so numb you can’t stand – It’s all about frequency, shorter more frequent bursts are way better.

Option 1: Headspace App

Go and download headspace right now

There is something about the accountability of an app which helps you get past the first couple of days.

Option 2: Listen to one of Tara Brach’s guided meditations

You can find Tara’s meditation here

Option 3: Sit down, put 10 minutes on a timer, shut your eyes & just breath

If it helps you can count your breaths – up to 10.

Inhale 1, exhale 2, inhale 3 etc until 10, then repeat.

Option 4: If you have had a really shit day

Listen to this

Aim for a minimum of 7 days in a row – 10 mins each sitting is a pretty good target.

Let me know how you get on, then tell your friends, your family & your co-workers – meditation (& mental health in general) is something that needs more air time.